The Nessmuk

George Washington Sears made this a particularly popular blade. He named this after one of the Native American people he knew as a child. The blade should be able to be used for almost everything in the field.this is my take on the blade!
This is made from 4mm steel with 6mm pins and a choice of scale material. 4 1/2 inch blade

Prices start at £170

Chefs Knives.

Made from either Niolox or Stainless these come in as a custom design item. Tell me what you want and I will design, price and make it.

The Scout Hunter

A classic bushcraft/hunting knife suited to all tasks in the field. 5 inch Blade
Prices start at £180

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Ammonite Knives

The Beast!

Strong and extremely sharp with the ability to be used for almost anything (within reason!). Chop, cut, carve - it should do it all. Made of 4mm steel with a choice of woods and 6mm pins. it comes with a scandi grind, but if requested can be done with a convex grind for extra strength. 5 1/2 inch blade

Prices start at £175


Scout Hunter Light

A classic drop point knife, but in a smaller package. A finer blade suited to smaller hands. 4 inch blade

Prices start at £165

Custom Drop Point

The top of the range "standard" knife I make, L200n nitrogen stainless steel and custom made handle material L200n steel is ultra stainless and a joy to use. also sharpens well and holds a very impressive edge

The blades shown here are my "go to" designs. the ones i generally have in stock as blanks, ready to handle

Prices shown are for the base model... Carbon tool steel, non premium handle material and a water resistant leather sheath. Upgrades to steel, handle material and sheath style will, of course cost more. Where the standard steel differs it will be in the description....

I make my knives using stock removal method. this is a conscious choice. I CAN forge, however a lot of the steels i use wont forge or heat treat as the oxygen rich nature of a forge will cause the steel to decarb and that then means it goes in the bin!

Discounts are available for serving and ex Forces and Emergency Services with ID

Field mouse

A compact neck knife, perfect for skinning and small task.  made in 3mm steel with a choice of wood handles finished with 3mm pins. A very handy little blade. 2 inch blade length

Prices start at £65

Field and Fish

A perfect small game knife, but works equally as well in the bushcraft arena as has been proven time and again. despite its diminutive size (3"blade, 3" handle) the blade works well and its sharpness makes most tasks easy. 3mm steel also keeps the weight down so it works as a neck knife or a belt knife 

Prices start at £75

Custom Knives

I can go through the whole design process with you to get to exactly where you want to be. Steel types, blade style, scales , sheath style and even cutomised blade etching, its ALL possible!

Gralloching Knife.

Specifically designed to a gamekeepers and game dealers specification. 14c28n Sandvic stainless steel with G10 removable scales, stainless steel corby bolts and a water resistant leather or kydex sheath.