Nordic skinner

Currently the only stick tang knife in the collection. A small, extremely sharp pointed utility knife. Finished in a wooden handle with the option of a contrasting bolster as an extra. 3 inch blade

Prices start at £100

The Nessmuk

George Washington Sears made this a particularly popular blade. He named this after one of the Native American people he knew as a child. The blade should be able to be used for almost everything in the field.
This is made from 4mm steel with 6mm pins and a choice of scale material. 4 1/2 inch blade

Prices start at £165

Field Archer

A heavy duty, very strong blade initially designed to help field archers dig arrows out of trees when they miss! It also lends itself extremely well as a heavy duty bushcraft/camp blade. Made of 4mm steel and finished with a choice of scale materials and 6mm pins. (brass bolster is extra). 4 inch blade

Prices start at £150

The Scout Hunter

A classic bushcraft/hunting knife suited to all tasks in the field. 5 inch Blade
Prices start at £160

Field mouse

A compact neck knife, made in 3mm steel with a choice of wood handles finished with 3mm pins. A very handy little blade. 2 inch blade length

Prices start at £65

The Beast!

Strong and extremely sharp with the ability to be used for almost anything (within reason!). Chop, cut, carve - it should do it all. Made of 4mm steel with a choice of woods and 6mm pins. it comes with a scandi grind, but if requested can be done with a convex grind for extra strength. 5 1/2 inch blade

Prices start at £165

Field and Fish

Two different blades with the same base. The field and fish (available separately) have the same handle shape and length, but have different blade profiles. One is more suited to small game and fishing, while the other is a great small bushcraft knife. Both can be made with either a full or abbreviated handle. They come with either a neck sheath or a belt sheath (added cost) 3 inch blade length

Prices start at £75

Bushcraft II

The big bushcraft blade, wider than the bushcrafter with a slightly longer handle,  for all tasks around the camp and on the move. 4 1/2 inch blade

Prices start at £135

Chefs Knives.

Made from either Niolox or Stainless these come in as a custom design item. Tell me what you want and I will design, price and make it.

All blades come with a custom fit, handmade sheath made of veg tanned, water resistant leather. Please specify at point of order which side of draw you wish the sheath to be made. Prices are for knives in O1 steel with a non-premium wood, plain brass/silver steel pins and no liners.

Wood is sealed with either Tung oil or Boiled Linseed oil.

My knives are made primarily from O1 tool steel, but I can also make them out of D2, Niolox and Stainless (different grades of steel have different properties due to their composition). Prices on request.

Custom work can be undertaken.

Custom Knives

i can pretty much make any real world bladed knife tool that you want. Even made Bonsai pruning tools before! give me a shout and we can have a chat on design and price.


Field profile Abbreviated handle

Fish Profile full handle


An ideal blade for all bushcraft/hunting jobs. The scandi grind on the blade makes it easy to care for and keep sharp, the knife has profile somewhere between a drop point and a lecku style blade. Made of 3mm steel with a choice of scale material and 4mm pins. 41/2 inch blade

Prices start at £130

Scout Hunter Light

Same profile as the Scout Hunter, but in a smaller package. A finer blade suited to smaller hands. 4 inch blade

Prices start at £150