About ammonite knives

After doing the university thing, trying my hand at several different trades and finally spending the last eleven years as a postman trying to find my way in the world, I kind of fell into knife making and it turned out, much to my surprise, I am actually quite good at it!

I have always made things and it’s a bit of a passion of mine to make things the way I see them.

Ammonite knives came about after being retired due to ill health. I didn’t know what to do so a friend of mine suggested doing this and I have to admit I am happier than I’ve been for years!

Why the ammonite? It’s my favourite fossil and one of the first ones I can remember ever seeing as a small child (my mum had one in the garden)

I can be found on Facebook, use the Facebook button below or the link on the contact page, where you can follow the progress of blades, and occasionally what I am having for lunch!

I have to thank a couple of people… the ever suffering Ruth for standing by me and Dave for testing everything for me. Thanks Guys!

I hope you like the following pages of my work…